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Study Abroad in India!

Spring Break in India

Please read all of the details below.  To express interest in the trip or ask ANY questions at all, contact Rob Elliott at or visit the CIT department in ET 301.

Applications are open!  APPLY NOW!


This Study Abroad opportunity is part of the CIT 49900 Global IT Management course offered in Spring 2017.  Students who enroll in the course will spend a week in Delhi, Agra, and Chennai, India during their Spring Break.

The goal of this program is for students to experience first-hand the Indian services industry and learn about the various models used by companies to manage outsourced and offshored work. In order to truly engage the students in this experience, in addition to visiting various companies engaged in outsourcing, we will also work on a community project with a partner in Chennai and will be hosted by students and faculty at BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Engineering College.

Our study abroad program will consist of the following key elements:

  • Visits to multinational and Indian companies across the sourcing supply chain so that students learn how work is distributed to the various parties, how that work is completed, and how and why partnerships are developed
  • Visit to BS Abdur Rahman University, where students will be able to interact with Indian students and learn about the differences between the US and Indian education systems and cultural aspects and life style
  • Visits to a variety of cultural and historical sites to help the students understand the environment in which the outsourcing and offshoring industry has developed
  • Opportunity to work on a community project with a partner in Chennai

When is the trip?

Travelers will depart on the Friday before Spring Break and will return 10 days later on the Sunday just prior to the start of classes.

How do I sign up?

Interested students MUST complete the following steps:

  1. Apply or inquire for more information via the IUPUI Study Abroad program.
  2. Register for CIT 49900 Global IT Management for Spring 2017
  3. Ensure you have a current passport that is valid for travel through September 2017.  (Passports must be in hand before November, 2016!)

How do I get RISE credit?

RISE credit is automatically applied at the completion of the CIT 49900 course.

What is the course?

The CIT 49900 course will focus on the issues that IT professionals face in the global marketplace.  A variety of perspectives and guest speakers will participate throughout the course.  Gail Farnsley is the instructor for Global IT Management.

While CIO at Cummins, Professor Gail Farnsley has visited nearly 20 times and has very good familiarity with India. She currently works as a Program Manager at the National Center for Women and Information Technology.

CIT 49900 will count as a CIT Selective for students in the CIT program.

What is included in the cost?

The cost of the program covers airfare, all meals, transportation, sightseeing, and housing.  Students will only need additional funds for personal purchases.

How can I afford this?  Are scholarships available?

There are a variety of opportunities to fund this experience!