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IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology

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We have the power to advance engineering and technology.

We have the power to strengthen every level of society and change the way we live. We are poised to transform tomorrow's world through our groundbreaking research, creative projects, civic engagement, and outstanding education. Our students and faculty will redefine the future.

With your help, we will support student success at every level. We will recruit more teachers, mentors, and researchers of the highest caliber. We will equip our students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the decades to come. We will pave the way for the next great generation of innovators— those who will shape our world for the better.

With your help, we will fulfill the promise of creating technologically advanced communities, a stronger state, and a better world.

School of Engineering and Technology General Funds

The School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI has general funds that support School programs, scholarships, and research. Some examples include:

  • School of Engineering and Technology Unrestricted - General Fund
  • School of Engineering and Technology General Scholarship
  • Engineering and Technology Women's Fund
  • Minority Engineering Scholarship
  • Engineering and Technology Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships

Give to Our School, BMEDepartment of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering combines expertise in biomaterials, instrumentation, and tissue engineering to improve human health and quality of life. Building on a foundation of scientific inquiry and engineering problem solving, biomedical engineers develop new devices, therapies, and diagnostic tools to understand and provide effective solutions to medical problems.

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Give to Our School, CIGTDepartment of Computer Information and Graphics Technology
Increase your bandwidth to contribute to just about every industry known to man through the programs offered by the Department of Computer Information and Graphics Technology at IUPUI. Our students develop skills, interests, and expertise in front-end design and animation, functionality and usability, programming and security, and more.

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Give to Our School, ECE

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
With top faculty and research expertise from around the world and ground breaking laboratory results to match Purdue University, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at IUPUI wires students for success. From electronic devices, to communication and energy systems, to computer systems, networks, and software, our department offers unique, premier program options that prepare students for meaningful, real-world impact across the board.

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Give to Our School, ENTDepartment of Engineering Technology
Offering a broad spectrum of programs, the Department of Engineering Technology at IUPUI puts the power of engineering and technology into your hands to make a tangible difference. With an emphasis on practical, experiential learning opportunities, cross-disciplinary endeavors, and civic engagement, you can make an impact through our diverse and innovative programs.

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Give to Our School, MATDepartment of Music and Arts Technology
Join us as we pioneer musical experiences – from cutting-edge performances, to production, to therapy and more – by maximizing on the advancements available through music and technology integration. Surrounded by the best in the business, a culture of creativity, and top-of-the-line resources and equipment, hit the high notes of innovation with an Indiana University degree from the Department of Music and Arts Technology.

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Give to Our School, MEDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
One of the fundamental – and most diverse – engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering equips men and women to make a difference on the smallest micro-scale level, as well as in large, complex systems. Each day, mechanical engineering principles are used in the conception, design, development, and manufacture of almost every product or process known to man.

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Give to Our School, TLCDepartment of Technology Leadership and Communication
With a focus on practical, real-world, industry-relevant STEM learning experiences and flexible scheduling, the programs offered by the Department of Technology Leadership and Communication empower students to become transformational leaders and exemplary technical communicators.

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Give to Our School, School

School of Engineering and Technology Scholarships
There are many scholarships awarded by the School, which are funded by our generous donors. Please consider making a gift today. Scholarships help provide financial support for Engineering and Technology students and alleviates financial burdens many students face.

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